== Biography == Edit

Name: Zoft Blackthorn

Race: Night Elf ( Kal'dorei)

Size: Just a little below average for a night elf male.

Age: Over Ten-thousand years old He stopped keeping track a long time ago. Has been mortal for almost 11 years now.

Occupation: Assassin, herbalist and enchanter.

General Personality: Grumpy, aroggant, Serious

Weaknesses: Is missing his left eye, can be tricked by females and anyone who flatters him. Healing magics have less effect on him.

Birthplace: A small town outside the city of Azshara.

Home: Since the 2nd attack by the scourge on Stormwind, Zoft has bought a ship that now serves as his home.

Family: His mate Soudce, children Zaltorn and Anaru

Description: His hair is a dark blue, nearly black color. His left eye is sealed shut by a nasty scar that runs from his forehead to his chin. He has several frown lines that make him appear around late 40's to 50's on his face. His skin is a very dark shade of purple and his node looks like it has been broken a few times. His beard is short, but unkempt. Zoft looks like a man who was once handsome, but life has been beaten into him.

History Edit

Before the Alliance Edit

Zoft was the pride and joy of a small town long before the sundering. Everyone expected great things from him as he rose through the ranks and helped take even more land from the trolls in the name of Elune. He was a simple warrior back then, kept around to protect the spell weavers who drew from the Well of Eternity. Eventually Zoft saved the life of a high ranking noble, a Highborne who had a decent amount of pull among the rich and elite. To reward Zoft for this service he began to show the lowly warrior how to draw from the well's powers and become like the men he used to work for. Zoft was well on his way to joining the people who were unknowingly about to call forth the legion. Weeks before the sundering Zoft found that his physical prowess was draining as he learned more about magic. He was becoming addicted to the power, and was losing his skill as a warrior. Being an untrusting person from the begining of his life, he told his master that he would rather be strong in the pysical aspect, then to leave his well being in the hands of a well that he did not understand. Zoft foolishly expected the Highborne to accept this and be happy with his decision. That was not the case. Zoft was weak from denying himself usage from the well, and still could not wear his plate armor and use his two handed sword, when his master decided to try and kill him. He could do little as the man he once called a friend made him tear out his own eye. In a blind rage Zoft managed to get a hold of his former teacher and wring the life from him.

Tired and near death Zoft wandered the woods, trying to get far enough away from the well, so that he could not feel it's energy calling out to him to take it and stay addicted. The sundering took place, and Zoft watched in horror from a distance as he assumed everyone he knew had just been obliterated, or sunk to the bottom of the new ocean formed between the two new, moving continents. Eventually Zoft made his way to the new Night elf home, as he sensed the distant power of the new well Illidan had created. He joined the Night elves, and decided to stay with them, feeling his body and spirit change as the dragon aspects blessed the world tree and those who protected it with immorality.

Since the Alliance Edit

After the battle for Hyjal and the loss of the world tree, Zoft had wandered the lands of the mortal races as one of them. He did not mind the loss of imortality and the feirce connection with nature some of his brethern shared, for Zoft was only slightly in tune due to his dabbling in the Arcane and the trauma of pushing that magical addiction from his body. He had never fully recovered his physical strength so he became a spy and an assassin for the front lines of every major battle. Zoft led a small guild known as "The Cloaked Hand" for quite some time, delighted to show his thousands of years of training as killer from the shadows to anyone who would listen. He adventured everyplace from the Molten core to Naxxramas as it floated above the plaugelands. He met his mate Soudce, who has become a deadly assassin as well under his watchful eye. The Dark portal and the journy to Northrend were all very prominent in his life, and he's sought out to right the things wrong with this world with a nearly religious zeal. He is very strongly connected to the Argent Dawn, and hopes to one day help the druids cleanse the plauge lands.